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LikeFolio data is proven to be predictive of company revenue numbers that analysts miss. It’s a huge advantage that you will have on your side of every trade.

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Sunday Earnings Sheet

Sent every Sunday during earnings season, this is your “tip sheet” for trading the week ahead.

Research Dashboard

On demand viewing of purchase intent mentions and consumer happiness trends for any company we cover.

Opportunity Alerts

Stock ideas designed to profit from consumer shifts that Wall St hasn’t accounted for yet. 3-18 month hold times.

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Dive deeper into the Earnings Sheet and Opportunity Alerts with the founders of LikeFolio. Live & On Demand every Monday.

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Connect with other members and LikeFolio staff in real time. Perfect for everything from learning the basics to sharing a complex option spread idea. Fun!

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How LikeFolio Discovers Shifts in Consumer Behaviors

Imagine if you could “listen in” on millions of conversations that real consumers were having about the brands and products owned by publicly traded companies. The products they like, the brands they hate…and most importantly, what companies they are spending money with. That would be pretty powerful information, right? That’s exactly what LikeFolio does.

We’ve developed a powerful algorithm, and through a direct partnership with Twitter, we identify when consumers are buying more (or less) from companies, which products are hits, and which are flops. We then identify shifts in those consumer trends on Main Street, before they become news on Wall Street and impact the stock price.

It’s like seeing what’s going on in real-time while the rest of the world waits for the report. Amazing!

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