Corporate Marketing and R&D

Corporate Marketing and R&D

For Corporate Research

Add powerful consumer insight data into your research work flow.

“Your data helped us identify a new flavor that we had never thought of and helped us be first to market in our space!"

- Marketing Client

Create messaging and products that your target customers actually want.

Imagine running a focus group that tracks the behaviors and desires of millions of consumers in real-time, 24/7.  That’s the power and speed of Consumer Insights Research from LikeFolio.

Create R&D efficiencies

Understand what matters to your customer before you start creating products and feature sets. No clumsy focus groups, just solid, actionable data & insights.

Message prospects effectively

Speak the same language as your prospects. LikeFolio can help you determine which words and phrases are hot (ex “vegan”), and which are not (“vegetarian”).

Understand your competition

Make smarter brand positioning decisions by harnessing the power of social media data to see how customers react to your competitors’ offerings, as well as your own.

Act quickly with confidence

Speed to market is king.  Instead of waiting months for consultants to run polling or focus groups, get the answers and insights you need in a matter of days.

Consider LikeFolio A Partner

Bob Johnson

bought some ugly yet comfy & functional skechers for work and my first patient today was raving about them so i feel pretty good

Sasha Davies

Got tired of putting boots to work so I bought sketchers and they best work shoes I’ve bought

Stephano Roha

I just bought my first pair of @SKECHERUSA… some of the most comfortable sneaks I’ve ever had

LeShaun Emil Taylor

Wore my new Skechers to go shopping this morning… LOVE THEM!  Don’t think I’ve ever owned a comfier pair of shoes!

How LikeFolio Works.

LikeFolio built its reputation in the trenches of Wall Street.  Now corporations around the world are unleashing these insights to make faster, more accurate decisions.

By tapping into consumers’ social media posts, LikeFolio can quickly capture insights into consumer behaviors and spending trends.  Even better, the millions of participants in this continuous “focus group” don’t know they’re being watched.  This gives us the real scoop on consumer preferences, at a sample size and speed that traditional methods simply cannot compete with.

Stay ahead of Wall Street, take a tour now.

Get a demo at your own pace and see the power of LikeFolio data & insights for yourself.  Let’s do this!

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